InDEx - the data lock

Are you receiving daily visits from customers, partner companies or suppliers?
Are mobile removable media - such as USB sticks or external hard drives - brought along and connected to your systems?

Without checking the removable media, viruses or malware can be transferred to your computer system.
Especially in sensitive environments, such as in industrial or critical infrastructures, in development departments or research institutions, but also in administrative and office environments, it can lead to serious data loss - with unpredictable economic consequences.

The data lock InDEx solution - your digital gatekeeper

The InDEx data lock checks and cleans data on removable media - before they can connect to your secure systems.

Companies - especially with the above-mentioned well-protected infrastructures - face the challenge of providing up-to-date virus protection without an Internet connection.
This is possible with InDEx because it is self-sufficient and up-to-date with the latest updates.
The data lock InDEx allows you to monitor the data flow in your infrastructure as well as from your infrastructure.